Leadership cohesiveness will elevate your company.

That’s what I do. With you.

It requires building TRUST, managing healthy CONFLICT, and establishing COMMITMENT.

Without these elements you cannot dare to dream.


How we work.

I come in, ask questions and listen. I sit side by side with you to discuss your aims and probe for your concerns.

Then I customize my suggestions. You know the issues better than I do.

My value is as a neutral third party who shows you I care about your concerns and make your issues my priority.


Things I do.

Increase the rate and quality of interactions through Executive Retreats.

1-1 work with Executives and your next level of managers.

Bring a focus to the CEO’s aims and inspire those aims.


I have.

20+ years of management and leadership experience.
Mainly small to mid-sized organizations.
Largely in knowledge-based sectors. Particularly biotechnology and pharmaceutical drug development.